offers a unique solution that makes optical connections simple and efficient using polymer wires in three dimensions to create optical waveguides. Named Direct Optical Wiring (DOW), the technology for optical interconnect has a mechanism very similar to metal wire bonding in electronic devices and does not require any micro-lenses, optical alignments, and chemical reactions as in conventional electrical wire bonding.

The extreme simplification enables us to overcome limitations in 3D integration of photonic and electronic chips and realize low-cost multi-channel optical circuits in optical transceivers.

• Conceptual Design

• Innovative Competitiveness

• R&D Strategy

• 100Gbps QSFP28 SR4 (Tx 4CH, Rx 4CH) transceiver

    i) Design

    ii) Simple and highly integrated structure  

    iii) Noise-minimized Excellent Performance

    iv) Zero packet loss on switching hub test