offers a unique solution that makes optical connections simple and efficient using polymer wires in three dimensions to create optical waveguides. Named Direct Optical Wiring (DOW), the technology for optical interconnect has a mechanism very similar to metal wire bonding in electronic devices and does not require any micro-lenses, optical alignments, and chemical reactions as in conventional electrical wire bonding.

The extreme simplification enables us to overcome limitations in 3D integration of photonic and electronic chips and realize low-cost multi-channel optical circuits in optical transceivers.

The first application using DOW technology is an optical HDMI, and we have confirmed that 4K video was fully implemented with the optical HDMI 2.0 prototype. We also confirmed the 12Gbps/channel performance of optical HDMI 2.1 for 8K displays.

We plan to start production with an optical HDMI in 2020, and will gradually expand to AOC (Active Optical Cable) for data centers and Si-photonics applied optical transceivers for data centers and telecommunications.

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광HDMI에서 AOC로, 이 후 Si photonics시장까지 단계별로 진입
  • 20년 광HDMI 시장에 조기 진입하고, ’21년에 AOC 전체시장으로 점진적 확대
  • 22년 실리콘 포토닉스 광트랜시버 시장에 진입